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This makes me sick.

It's been a minute. But I'm back with random thoughts...

I get so sick of seeing the same ideas over and over. It’s like, when someone wins everyone thinks “well that’s what it takes, so I’ll do that.” NO. Truth is, they probably won because they focused on themselves and tuned out all the noise. That’s the key. Laser focus your energy on your choreo and make it the best you can.

Focus on you, boo.

My therapist (who I LOVE- everybody needs one!) always tells me to control what I can control. When I think about that, it takes so much pressure off. It’s freaking awesome to choreograph without stigma, expectation, or pressure. For your next dance- try keeping your energy and focus within the team and see what happens.

Happy choreographing :-)

PS - I'm putting the finishing touches on a reallyyyy special never-been-done-before, year-long program for choreographers. It's no small fry...totally a double Whopper with cheese and bacon :-) Interested? Shoot me an email at and let me know!

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