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Will they like me?

Did I choose the right music?

Will I get hired again?

I’m sure you get caught up in details like me. I’m so freaking analytical sometimes - and it’s annoying. If there's an Analyzer’s Anonymous therapy program out there, I need it real bad. Don’t get caught in this cycle! It prohibits your creativity, and stunts your choreo growth. Taking action is the major way to conquer the worry.

Last week, I taught dance to a room full of badass female entrepreneurs (all non-dancers). My brain was full of ALL THE THINGS. I wanted it to be perfect. And guess what? It kinda was. They felt joy, pride, accomplishment, and the best part is that I created a positive environment. Hearing their laughter and yasssssss’s warmed my whole heart. Seeing their smiles and watching them open their minds to something different gave me chills. That’s powerful shit, *|FNAME|*.

And now it’s my most favorite dance gig to date.

That’s the super power you have as a choreographer. So throw on your rhinestone cape, friend. Get out of your brain and just CREATE!

Happy worry-free creating!

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