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Dance Team Personality Types

The Pom Book

A fun list that describes all of the crazy personalities that may be on your team. Which one are you?

If you need some pom choreography inspiration, this innovative "look book" is the tool for you.

Want unique team building activities? We put together this incredible list of easy activities to bond your team like glue!

TRA Team Builders

What Dancers Look For In A Coach

What does today's dancer look for in a coach? We did all of the research, you get the results.


Zen Boost: yoga, pilates & strengthening workout for your team

Master Class: Interview with Karl Mundt, owner and founder of Innovate Dance

Master Class: Interview with Carol Lloyd, head dance coach at University of Memphis

Master Class: Interview with Jodi Maxfield, dance director, Brigham Young University Cougarettes

Master Class interview with Patrice Barakat, owner of Cutting Edge Dance Center & Mark Meismer, legendary choreographer

Seven awesome sportsmanship tips


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