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What up? Sending this with a drink in my hand, music blasting, and sitting poolside with some amazing ladies.

Last week I talked about fear of putting yourself out there - well, this week let me tell you. The results of that fear put me here, in South America, inspiring other choreographers to step out on faith as well. We’re spending a week at this incredible villa in Tamarindo talking all things dance. I’m teaching some of the things I’ve learned along the way, but most importantly we’re bonding. There’s really nothing better than a tribe of people who get you. Community is essential to our well-being, which is the reason why I created this incredible retreat. We’re doing some yoga, hiking, adventuring, swimming, relaxing, learning, and vibing. And we’ve got the most awesome chef to cook for us nightly ;-)

The result of conquering my fear is pretty sweet.

Pura Vida.

That’s the motto Costa Ricans live by - it means enjoy life, take it easy. So simple, right? I’m forever changed.

Find your people.

PS - I’ll give you more deets about the trip and some behind-the-scenes stuff once we get the photos and vids back!


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